AG Logisitics


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Committed with moving your dreams, we have designed and operation that makes easier to transport special or oversized cargo.

We know those are part of special projects, demanding time and hard work, thats why our team will move wherever you need to assure we will proper deliver your cargo. All because we are the entrepreneur logistic Agent.

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AG Logistics we move, what moves you. During this project we moved part of a Hydroelectric to a remote place in Guatemala; we developed an export business with a Colombian Entrepreneur, we loaded the Cargo with two specialized cranes and two low-boys and one truck for inland transport from Bogotá to Cartagena. Later we needed to set the maritime transport from Cartagena to Santo Tomas de Castilla in a specialized multi-purpose vessel.

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We have exported more than 600 containers with fiberglass pipes for a Colombian Entrepreneur, who has consolidated his business abroad.
We moved the pipeline from Girardota to Buenaventura, we made export customs process at port and coordinate the sea transport from Buenaventura to Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala.

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